Zoz Energy is at its core a private enterprise of Prof. Dr. Henning Zoz, who doesn’t think it’s right that thanks to the “energy turn” or the German Renewable Energy Act, respectively, you can build for example large photovoltaic power plants with or without a single Euro of equity, while the economical amortization takes place faster than the technical warranty and significantly faster than the legal warranty to be allowed to feed in electricity for example for 20 years.

For this “business“ everyone pays, who hast to pay electricity bills in Germany – and that is not okay.

While funding renewable energy is entirely correct, the enabled business model, which is demonstrated here, does not fit into our self-image of performance, bravery and risk. The essential elementary rule “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is entirely faded out.

Zoz Energy currently operates 7 photovoltaic power plants and keeps areas of ca. 12ha for establishing several wind energy plants. Since the installation of corresponding wind energy plants wasn’t wanted or isn’t wanted (yet) by the neighbors living further away, these plans are still on hold until this changes. And that is alright. There is a PEM fuel cell (BHKW, Callux) assigned to the location Siegen ZCS that reforms hydrogen from city gas and provides the landmark I with electricity and heating as well as a 40KW big electrolyzer (MyPhy Energy) that is assigned to the currently ca. 0.2MW photovoltaic plant and will provide the hydrogen for the Zoz-ZEV fleet during phase II in case they are successful.