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Blue Oasis Sauer-/Siegerland

Zoz Zero Emission Vehicle Fleet

Independent Driving with Hydrogen in Sauer-/Siegerland
(Power to Gas to Fuel)


In the middle of 2013 the first battery-driven electric car was acquired at Zoz and until the beginning of 2014 10 vehicles in total. The vehicles in question are 1xStromos, 2x CitySax, 4x Fiat 500 and 3x Fiat Fiorino.

Our goal is the generation of a fleet of 10 battery-driven electric cars and utility vans with decentralized and widespread and real use in return for payment in the area of Sauerland and Siegerland to be upgraded with the Iron-Bird / electricity case from the H2-OnAir+ project as a hydrogen range extender with realizing autarkic H2-operation including region wide supply infrastructure (H2-fuel exchange vending machines).



Phase I (2013 to 2014)

a) Zoz acquired 10 vehicles (ZEV battery) and has kept them entirely in service since 2013/14 (overall mileage 2014-07-31: ca. 30,000km)

b) Establishing an electric charging station at the location in Hünsborn (HQH), 3 charging stations at the location in Olpe (ZTC) and a provisionary charging station it the location in Siegen (ZCS).

c) Designating 10 “ZEV-only” parking slots (at the charging stations) especially by municipal partners.

d) Installing 10 electrical charging posts in Sauerland and Siegerland

e) Distributing 10 vehicles to the core fleet members in Sauer- and Siegerland.

f) fleet- and infrastructure data > Project REMONET/Siegen Municipality/BMBF



Originally phase I (standard battery operation) was supposed to be implemented to the point of e) at the end of 2013/beginning of 2014 (REMONET was coordinated later). Unpredictably and even today inexplicably two public utility companies in a row quit after previously accepting or accepting partially respectively. But the cooperation with a public utility company is indispensable for substantive economical operations in phase I and is hence very important. Apparently it is rather difficult to establish thinking about the future and especially thinking about the future proactively in the landscape of German public utilities. At times the realities we experience has very little to do with commercials on TV.

Currently we work on alternatives that are to be avoided if possible. We are looking for support for convincing a local public utility company so we finally can proceed with phase II:



Phase II (2014-2014)

g) Offer to local e-vehicle owners for a cost-neutral placement (adjustment of the looks, license number, visibility)

h) Upgrade the 10 Zoz-ZEVs with hydrogen propulsion.

i) Establish 10-15 cartridge exchange vendors

j) Offer hydrogen propulsion upgrade including range extension to local e-vehicle owners (fleet members) for < €10,000.00 (cost estimate / goal Iron-Bird = “electricity case”)



zevPhase III (starting in 2016)

n) Continuous demonstration of the operation of the Zoz ZEV fleet (part: “to fuel”) in cooperation with local partners (Sauer-/Siegerland > list) and further local e-vehicle owners if applicable (10 estimated).

o) Inclusion of “Power to Gas” in the Zoz Technology Center, Olpe (ZTC)

p) Complete demonstration of “Power to Gas to Fuel” (P2G2F®, P2H®) in real operation, the “Blue Oasis Sauer-/Siegerland” is ready!

q) Setup production cell at ZTC for economical PEM-FC generation (membrane > stack > PEMFC)

r) Setup assembly line H2Tank2Go® at ZTC


Independent driving on hydrogen in Sauer-/Siegerland

(Power to Gas to Fuel)

Flugzeug gasspeicher

Zoz-ZEV-fleet can be fast! (13.11.2014)










Emissionsfreier Wahlkampf mit einem Zoz-ZEV (21.09.2015)